First Day Out

Cooper had an exciting first day out of the house today!  We went to Chick Fil A for lunch, Target to attempt to find him a UT outfit for the football game tomorrow, and finally his first doctor appointment.  Cooper behaved himself very well at the doctor.  Everything checked out great, but he has lost 3 ounces and shrunk 1/2 inch (we aren't really sure about that).  He's still eating good and peeing/pooping on a record pace.  We still aren't sure how it's possible for something that little to produce so much "stuff".

Last night was a little rough on Susan...Ryan helped out some but apparently he thought he did more than he actually did.  Surprisingly enough, snoring does not actually change a diaper.  Uncle Ed and Sandi came to visit on their way to the Ballet tonight.  Sandi took our first picture of the complete family, Belle included.  Danielle and James also came over tonight and brought us some dessert.  We now have brownies, cookie cake, chess squares and apple pie in our kitchen and just learned that Grammy and Grampy are bringing two more pies!  We're going to start sending visitors home with something sweet.

On a side note, we have grossly underestimated the amount of time necessary to prepare a child for an adventure outside the house.  It feels like it took us 4 hours to get ready today.  We also have underestimated the amount of laundry a small child requires.  It's hard to keep clothes and blankets clean when he keeps peeing on them!
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