A little late but....8 months old!

I know, I know...Cooper is but a week away from 9 months old (if you're keeping count..that's only 3 months away from one year..gah I think I just had a stroke!). But I am so behind that I am just now getting to his 8 month post. Mostly because I couldn't get pictures taken due to the massive amount of time we have not been home! But here goes...
This month Cooper has learned how to wave bye-bye. It's so freakin cute! He has also developed a love of the water! The kid will be a fish. He gets so close to the water and when I'm not expecting it, he dunks his face in (he also takes in a big mouthful of water). He loves jumping off the side, with my help of course. Cooper is also in love with Cheerios! He is growing so fast and as big as can be! We have a doctor appointment for his 9 month check and I will give you a weight and length. But I'm guessing he will be about 19 pounds...the kid has gotten so long I don't know what that measurement will be!! I will try to post his 9 month update in a timely manner...I promise!

such a happy baby!
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