Toddler time! Cooper is 1 year old!

Mercy me! I cannot believe we have a one year old! A year go Ryan was posting on this very blog about our sweet boy who came into the world on October 18th. 10 days early. Always in a hurry, that one. This whole year has been one adjustment after another...Just when I think we have a great thing going and we get really comfortable, Cooper decides he wants to change it up, learn something new, get rid of something else. I guess thats just how kids go. We will probably be doing this adjustment dance for the rest of our lives. But its a pretty fun dance to do. He is a joy, I tell you. Always wanting to learn something new or go somewhere different. He LOVES books and being read to. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. He eats like a horse, but definitely knows what he does and doesn't want. He smiles and laughs and plays all day long. He adores his daddy and looks for him all day long. He loves to torture the dog. Blowing kisses might be my favorite trick of all. I love who this kid is turning into, and I know I will love who he will become. Always changing, always moving, always my favorite. here are some adorable pictures of my big boy..because I know thats why you read!

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