Our First Haircut!

We made it until 14 months old. We obviously are not gifted in the head full of hair department. It took a good long while before we even had enough hair that we didn't look bald anymore. And it's still pretty scarce on the top as it is. But around Christmas everyone suddenly noticed that we had a mullet definitely on the horizon. My dad even went so far as to say we couldn't bring him to his office with a mullet, he was kidding of course (we think.) So Diva made us an appointment with the fabulous Ernie at Joe James Salon (how many babies can say that their first haircut was at Joe James?) We came equipped with multiple distractions and overall we think it went pretty well. No tears, no screaming, just some squirming. He really didn't like it when Ernie tried to cut above his ears, but Ernie was so sweet and patient with us and we couldn't love our new big boy haircut more. Here's to another first!
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