Things we are learning about our 16 month old!

Cooper is no longer a baby. I mean he is still little and needs me and is nowhere near ready for elementary school (or college), but the baby that I knew is now a full on toddler! He gets up everyday and shows us new things he learns and communicates with us and acts like a real person! It is truly an amazing transformation to watch. The difference between newborn and 1 year was huge, but I can feel a big difference between 1yr and the kiddo that I see now. He has gotten way more affectionate in the last few weeks. He loves to give hugs and pat your arm. He is really good about laying his head on my shoulder when he needs some extra mommy love. It's really sweet. He understands when you tell him to love on something like the dog or a stuffed animal. He is also learning how to feed himself with makes for some epic messes....
He is also learning new words like "diaper" and "keys" although it sounds more like "keeth." I can't wait to hear him babbling every morning before we get him out of his crib....and then all day long. This kid likes to talk folks. He is also showing us just how much of a boy he can be....his favorite toy is a ball. Any ball, any size, doesn't matter. He is slowly getting into cars and has learned to make the "vroom" sound.  He also loves to run around outside and pick up rocks...I imagine that I will be pulling rocks out of his pockets and shoes very soon. Sorry for the long wordy post but I haven't done an age update in awhile and thought I should let everyone know how he is changing...I can barely keep up with it all. Here is another Cooper picture to get you through the week!
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