The Greatest Show on Earth...sort of.

After the big snowfall we were dying to get out of the house! Ryan suggested we hit up the Shriner's Circus that had recently arrived in Memphis. We were so pumped to take Cooper to his first circus...the best story I remember about my pawpaw was him taking me to my first circus! We thought he would enjoy it due to his awe and amazement at the rodeo so we loaded up and hit the road. Cooper was immediately enthralled with the souvenirs:

The place was kind of small, but for an inexpensive, first-time circus it worked for us. We let Cooper try some cotton candy for the first time. Needless to say he is his fathers child and mommy got to eat the whole bag. Score!

The acts were okay, it was no Barnum and Bailey's, but Cooper seemed entertained. There was alot going on what with all the kids screaming and all those stupid light up toys they sell, so it was hard for him to focus on the show. He loved the dog act and the elephants at the end. Also anything with loud fast music...he likes his jams. We let daddy take him to pick out something to take home....

Awesome...but really he has played with Dora everyday since. So I say money well spent. (She has started to  deflate a bit in the last day or so. Sad) Cooper also stole a few sips of Daddy's Diet Coke... he LOVED it. We got a look like "you have so been holding out on me guys!" We figured on circus day the rules could be bent a little. We got to eat at Huey's on the way out of town and it was delish! Cooper seemed satisfied with our choice too...
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