Our Diva is Coming, Our Diva is Coming!!!!!!

Cooper and I have been so pumped about the arrival of Diva (my mom.) We haven't seen her since the beginning of January when we flew out to Midland during our marathon of Christmas break travels. Cooper has learned how to say "diva" which actually sounds like "deeba." We say this word nearly a thousand times a day...no joke. I ask him who is coming to see us on Thursday and he answers with "deeba...yay." We have been skyping with my mom alot preparing for her trip and Coop will now point to the computer and say "deeba?" It's really cute. I'm only slightly worried that when we see Diva (and Pawpaw by the way) tomorrow that he'll be confused about why she's not in the computer. But we have a whole great weekend planned and we have been counting the hours until we drive to Southaven to pick her up! I wish my dad had enough time to come hang out too, but he would get sooo bored sitting at my house for a whole weekend. :-(. Only three hours until she leaves with Pawpaw to come see us! I promise to post after she leaves (aww sad) with many many pictures.  but until then here are a few of my favorite Diva pictures:
And a Pawpaw picture because we can't wait to see him at lunch too! Love you both..hurry up and get here!
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