Back in business/ Diva's visit

O....K.... we are finally, FINALLY back in business. The laptop has been repaired and returned safe and sound, though every time I turn it off I feel like I have to give it a pep talk or it won't turn back on the next morning. I literally hold my breath when I hit the "shutdown" button. But apparently it is fine and has been working great for 2 days now.

I got the chance to upload the 240ish pictures that I had taken in a month..gosh that sounds a little much..but we did have quite a few momentous events take place in that month. Lots of photo ops. For the sake of keeping up the blog while we are out of town and running ourselves ragged I will try to space out the blog updates. Also, I don't want to overwhelm anyone with cuteness. So on to the first:

Diva came to Oxford to visit a few weeks before Easter and we had the BEST time! We drove to Southaven to pick her up and eat lunch with her and Pawpaw.
Then we spent the whole weekend shopping, playing around the house and running wild. Just how we like it. Diva even came with us to watch our AOPi girls dance for Derby Days. Cooper got into the fiesta theme by rocking the 'stache.
and riding a pinata
We can't wait to go see Diva in a few weeks in Texas. I hope Pawpaw is ready for the cuteness that is Cooper saying "pawpaw." It will melt an ice cold heart. By the way we have had a total word vomit recently. Cooper has turned into a parrot and will pretty much attempt to say any word you ask him to say. Most of the time it is dead-on. (Mommy and Daddy are now aware that they have to really watch their potty mouths because the last thing we need is Cooper walking into Sunday School saying four letter words...not that we EVER say those in our house ;) ) He can tell you what he wants most of the time, but he really abuses the words baseball and football..also juice. Growing is happening in this house people. The kiddo is tall..I mean "reaches doorknobs and nothing is out of his reach" tall. I am so excited to travel with him this summer and watch him learn what summertime is all about. This kid loves outside like nothing else. It will be awesome.

Ok, so now that we have our first catch up post keep a lookout for another catch up post in the next couple I said don't want to overload on cuteness.
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