Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's...well it's waaaaayyyy past due

Here is another catch up post (since I am still playing catch up from our laptops stroke.)

Easter was so much fun this year! Cooper was only 6 months old last Easter so all the hooplah was mainly for us. But this year was all about the big man (Jesus...and Coop. haha) Grammy, Grampy and Emily came down to celebrate since we had a playset to build (see last post) and some other house projects to complete. Here are some highlights:

We took Cooper to the city Easter Egg hunt. Chick fil A coupons, tons of eggs, and baby ducks all on a baseball field. Cooper's version of heaven.

We opened Easter presents and baskets (yes plural, thanks Grammy and Grampy)...

And we went to church looking like a young Christopher Robin (sigh, so much cuteness)..

Oh yeah...and we had ANOTHER egg hunt in our yard church, lunch (at Casa Mexicana...I know) and a nap...

Yay, now we are all caught up on Easter....if only I were caught up on everything left to catch up on. Oh well, now that we are relaxing at the lake I can hopefully post some everyday. Maybe I'll be caught up before we leave for Texas..only 2 weeks!
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