The first of many...

We had our first trip to the ER last night! Yay milestones..... So here's the story (because I don't want to forget the details.) I was Skyping with my mom when Ryan got home from school. Cooper was so excited and ran to the kitchen door to greet him with arms open wide (doesn't happen to often, he's usually too busy playing to notice any arrivals.) So Cooper decided that he wanted to play ball with dad right away. He got his ball and ran to Ryan to throw it. While Cooper hurled (yes, hurled) the ball toward Ryan, he twisted himself around and his feet slipped out from under him...sending his sweet little chin straight down into the floor. I am still on Skype with my mom at this point and we both hear the crash. Ryan says something about looking at it and says "Whoa, that's a good one." Then he brings my bleeding baby around the corner to let me inspect the damage. I end my call and take a look at the carnage. He had a pretty good sized gash right under his chin, about 1/2 an inch to an inch long, and every time he moved his mouth it would spread open and blood would gush out. Awesome. We managed to calm him down and slow/stop the bleeding. Had I been equipped with anything more than Scooby Doo band-aids, we probably could have handled the situation at home with a good butterfly shaped bandage. However, this was my baby's first serious cut and I felt better making sure he didn't need stitches.
            Cooper did awesome at the ER and the whole time he was being checked out. He kept asking us to rock him like a baby and was concerned about the gum in our mouths. The nurses were so nice and since they knew it would only take 5 minutes to glue his cut shut they made sure we got it taken care of quickly. He held so still while the Dr. glued him shut and told us repeatedly that he expected a treat when he was "all better."
          We took him to Wendy's for chicken and a frosty, and while we were waiting he told us , "Thank you for taking me to the doctor." It was so pitiful and almost made me cry. He was fine the rest of thing evening and went to sleep just fine. All together, not the worst first ER visit we could have had...and if he turns out to be a hockey player like he keeps telling me he will...we will have way more to look forward to. ugh.
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