Somebody is 3...wonder who it could be

My sweet "baby" is no longer. He is now a full fledged underwear wearing (but not always), fort building, video game mastering, spelling, big kid. He is smart as a whip and has a mouth just as smart (it usually gets us into big trouble, while mommy and daddy try not to laugh.) He loves cars, watching movies, playing games, working puzzles, and playing baseball. He speaks like a 30 year old and often can argue his way out of a paper bag. Jumping on his bed and wrestling are his favorite things to do with daddy. He is all boy this one. Three has been challenging so far, but I know one day it will get easier, so I am trying to enjoy this spunky kid for all he is (even if he absolutely wears me out.) Here are some pictures of our birthday week. Diva, Grampy, Grammy, and Emily came into town to celebrate and we had his party at Pirate Adventures.

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