The Great Disney Blog Post part 3:Epcot

For our second day in the parks we headed to Epcot! It had been a long time since any of us had been to this park, so no one really knew what to expect! 
the bus ride to Epcot!
We got there before they opened the turnstiles and were in a great place to hit the busy rides first! While Grammy, Grampy and Emi took Cooper to the Land pavilion, Ryan and I got fastpasses for everyone for Test Track. We headed over to meet them and ride Soarin' first. Well, we found out quickly that Cooper was just short of tall enough. So Grammy, Grampy and Emi rode and we got a baby swap pass for Ryan and me. While they were riding we rode Living with the Land, a great boat ride through the agricultural testing area in Epcot. Cooper loved it! When they were done we swaped off and they rode Living with the Land while Ryan and I rode Soarin'. When we were off we all headed to Test Track! Grammy and Cooper opted to skip (Coop not being tall enough for that one either) and get some early morning cotton candy instead (it is Disney after all.)
The first Test Track ride picture
Nemo! and cotton candy fingers.
After Test Track, we went over to the Seas pavilion to ride Nemo! It was really cute and it was one of Cooper's favorites! Imagination with Figment was next and then lunch at Sunshine Seasons. 

We went back to the resort for a nap (and a lot of unanticipated extra walking) but before we knew it it was time to head back to Epcot. Grammy, Cooper and I went to catch Nemo and Turtle Talk with Crush before the Seas pavilion closed (at 5pm that evening.) Grampy, Ryan, and Emi had more Test Track fastpasses to use and while waiting for those headed to Spaceship Earth. 
In Bruce's mouth
Emi and Ryan's picture on Spaceship Earth
Test Track round #2
The whole gang!
After Test Track we all took a trip into the World Showcase! Mexico and the Gran Fiesta Tour! We love Donald Duck and the Three Caballeros! We all wandered around in search of dinner around the world. Grammy and Grampy ate in Mexico and Ryan, Emi and I ate in Morocco. Cooper (being a 3 year old ) ate in America. 
 ride in Mexico
After walking around the world we stopped in at The Toy Soldier in the UK to meet Pooh and Piglet! Cooper wasn't receptive to Buzz and Woody (two characters he loves,) but they were all he talked about so we thought we'd give the character meets another go. So glad we did, Cooper gave both Pooh and Piglet big hugs and stood in between them for pictures! It was so sweet!! 

We met back up with Grammy and Grampy to get some sweets and watch Illuminations (the fireworks show.) Cooper loved the fireworks and was so sad when they were over!
running around a courtyard in the UK

So proud of our light up Buzz (I got on Black Friday for so cheap!)
waiting for fireworks!

Next up: Animal Kingdom, breakfast with Mickey!, and dinner at 'Ohana.
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