Big Boy!

Our big boy has moved to his own room! It was very nerve racking only for mom of course, but little man is doing great! We discovered it was time when our noise sleeping was keeping him from sleeping well. He didn't even need an adjustment period..just passed out for the night and slept like a champ! Of course mom and dad are still freaking out about the room temperature and the loud noise that could possibly wake the angelic creature sound asleep in his room....but I'm sure we'll get over those little panicky things. Mommy definitely keeps the monitor glued to her ear all night long! Before we know it we'll be putting the toddler bed attachment on the crib....sniff, sniff! He's growing up so fast! Today we're going to play with Miss Claire M., our favorite little best buddy! And Friday we get to play with our friends from Sunday School! but what we're really excited about is cousin Claire coming to visit this weekend!!!!! Yay!!! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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