RSV and other lovely things..

We have survived our first almost killed mommy! Mommy had a bad cold right after Christmas and was just sure I would get it. Well, I did! On Sunday I was a little stuffy, and by Monday we were at the pediatrician's office for a breathing treatment.

We were in for a long week, and Wednesday through Friday were my worst days. Full of snot, sneezes, and wheezes! It was definitely worse for mommy than for me. I was what's known as a "happy wheezer." I felt fine and happy but I sounded horrible. And this sounds crazy but mommy was happy when I didn't respond to the breathing treatments because that means that I might escape without getting her asthma! By today i'm pretty much back to normal and smiling all day long!

Mommy knows that there are many more sick days in our future, but hopefully they will not be for a long awhile!
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