First trip to the Nashville Zoo!

Last Friday the weather was on the verge of heavenly! The sun was shining and the temperature was a glorious 70 degrees! We were invited to go to the Nashville Zoo with our best buddy baby Claire! Claire's momma has a membership and they love to go play when the weather's nice! So we loaded up the strollers and sun hats and hit the road (I say hit the's like a 10 minute drive).
The entire city of Nashville apparently had the same idea though. The place was packed!!!! We managed to get in pretty quickly and made our way to the picnic area. The food at the zoo is surprisingly really good, however pretty pricey. Cooper has recently discovered that even though he has never tasted the food you have, he wants it...bad. So mommy had to sneak her burger and fries but let Cooper play with her cup. After lunch in the big grassy field we headed out to make the rounds! The stampede of strollers proved to be just too much and we didn't really see a whole lot. But Cooper had so much fun being pushed around like a big kid in the stroller and loved watching everyone walk by (there were a lot of people to watch). We will definitely have to go back soon! Especially when Cooper can actually enjoy looking at the animals!

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