Trip to Texas!

We did it! We made it all by ourselves (mommy and Cooper) on a plane surrounded by people in a tiny space with one bathroom, no swing, and no daddy! We were nervous to say the least. But we had to do it. PawPaws big 50th birthday was in Texas and we just couldn't miss something that big! So mommy and Coop loaded up and hit the skies. Check-in was a breeze (with daddy's help) and we were feeling good by the time we hit security. Mommy did not plan appropriately though and held up the line while the morons conducting the thing just stared at her juggling everything. But after the circus in security we managed to make it on the plane. Cooper was a champ! No fussing, no crying, and all the adorable smiles the people around us could handle. 

 We had so much fun in Texas! Diva and PawPaw were so excited to see us! We went shopping, played with the dogs, and had a baby parade at Diva's school and PawPaw's office! It was a blast! And we had so much fun at PawPaw's party! We can't wait to see them again!!!!! Come back to Tennessee Diva and PawPaw! We miss you already!
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