7 months old!

We are officially more than halfway to one year old! I absolutely cannot believe this! Or my eyes when I look at this gorgeous, happy, full-of-personality, babbling, out-of-control mover of a child! I catch glimpses of him and I see a little boy forming in place of my baby. Not already!!!!!!!! It's not fair!!!!
He is constantly surprising me by what he teaches himself how to do. This month we picked up crawling and immediately weren't satisfied until we could pull up to our feet. I quickly realized that it won't end until we have a full fledged walker! By the time I am updating for his 8 month post I am sure I will be writing about how he has already taken his first few steps. He is a mess too! Everywhere all at once. Never happy to be still!

As you can see from our photoshoot, it was all I could do to keep him in the chair. So busy! We also hit a new milestone this month. Our first earache that came from our first fever...awesome. But we have recovered! We also started to let Cooper cry it out and he has really been such a trooper! Sleeping through the night almost every night! Mommy is so well rested these days! 

We have alot going on this summer! Getting ready to make our big move to Oxford, MS, taking trips to the lake, St. Louis, and Texas, and learning all kinds of new things! Check back soon for our Memorial Day festivities! 

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