Creepy Crawler...

Well a crawler, but not so much creepy. Our little monkey is everywhere! He has been scooting on his stomach since he turned 6 months, but recently (well, while my mom was here) he just hopped up on all fours and took off! He has never looked back and as far as we can tell he will be walking in no time. He is already pulling up to his knees easily and has pulled up to his feet once or twice by himself. We are in for it! He is in places we never thought he would find and continues to show intense interest in the dog's water bowl. Check out the videos on our smugmug site!! We turn 7 months in 2 days and will tackle the massive task of weaning soon! Mommy is kind of sad, but we all think it's time.

 Oh and we fixed the comment problem....please comment away!!
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