9 months old...oh my goodness!

We have less than 3 months until our little boy (not baby anymore) is a whole year old. He is having the time of his life being 9 months old! He changes everyday and learns something new constantly. This month he went to the zoo, his first Cardinals game in St. Louis, watched a fireworks show, and we went to Oxford pulling a U-Haul full of stuff!
At his 9 month appointment Cooper weighed in at 18lbs 6 oz and was 26 in long. He is only in the 18th percentile in weight so we are adding in more table foods and trying to wean onto formula. He is still 50th percentile in height so he is still right in the middle for that! Other than the weight issue (which isn't really even an issue) he is a perfectly healthy 9 month old! We will miss our pediatrician so much when we move to Mississippi. Dr. Fuller has been absolutely wonderful!
Cooper has added quite a few skills this month! He points at everything! Grampy started this by pointing at Cooper and saying "you da man!" and one time Cooper pointed back! He hasn't stopped pointing since! Cooper also started to clap. It's pretty much the cutest thing EVER! Coop also loves it when daddy hides and scares him...he laughs so hard! We still aren't walking, but he is getting really good at balancing when he stands...I don't think it'll be long! Cooper is also really enjoying being read to now..we usually read 3 or 4 books before bed. And we don't have to wrestle him into our laps!
Cooper is really starting to be so funny! He jabbers constantly and laughs all the time. he is also sneaky! He has a love for stairs and no matter how many things are blocking them, he finds a way onto them. He is going to be quite the handful as a toddler.
Cooper is eating Cheerios like it's going out of style and has gotten really good at feeding himself, if it's on his tray he will grab it and stuff it in his mouth! He has also tried yogurt and loves that as well!
 This month we make the big move to Oxford, Mississippi. Ryan is going  back to school to get his PhD in Accounting. We will be living there for 4 years. i know Cooper will love growing up in Oxford, and don't worry we'll keep you updated on all the goings-on. Here is a picture of Cooper at 9 months old!

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1 Response to "9 months old...oh my goodness!"

  1. Lucy Says:
    August 6, 2010 at 9:11 PM

    That frog outfit is adorable. And of course the baby in it is toooo cute!

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