10 months old!

My little boy has now been outside in the earth longer than he was growing in my belly. He is just growing up so fast right before my eyes. He has picked up so many new tricks this month and learns something new practically every day.
He is a great sleeper! He averages about 11 hours a night and sleeps for about 2 hours combined during the day. He is still an early riser, which mommy and daddy are trying to get used to.
He measured low in weight at his 9 month appointment and ever since he has been eating like a horse! He is getting tired being fed baby food, so we are slowly transitioning to all finger foods. He eats peas, green beans, LOVES bananas, mandarin oranges, pasta, nilla wafers, ritz crackers, biter biscuits, peaches, bread, cheese, and anything else we have on our plates that he wants. I think he is catching up in the weight department quickly!
Cooper wants to walk, but only at his own convenience. He gets around very quickly on his hands and knees, and is pretty satisfied to continue that way. He has taken a few steps though so hopefully those will increase and we can get moving soon!
Cooper is such a sweet kid. He is so loving and SO talkative. He babbles all day long!! And he is just a delight to be around. He has started to dance and do things to be funny. I love to see his sense of humor and personality really coming out. I think he is gonna be a really fun toddler.
We are starting to prep for his birthday party..it's sneaking up on us so quickly! Stay tuned for a fall full of football game pictures, weddings, and lots of family time! Here are a few pictures of Cooper at 10 months!

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1 Response to "10 months old!"

  1. Laura Brown Says:
    August 25, 2010 at 9:58 PM

    Where are you doing his birthday party? I hate we are going to miss it! I can't believe how big he is getting and he is really starting to look like his own person! I hope all is well in Oxford and that y'all are settling in. Are you coming to Nashville anytime soon? If so you better come to Sunday School!

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