11 months old...going so fast!

We are in countdown mode here people! My baby has less than 1 month until he is officially a toddler! Well if these boots were made for walking..Cooper is wearing them! This is by far our biggest accomplishment this month, and it's a pretty big one. He started out taking one or two steps and in a week he was taking 12. In another week he was taking 20. He is also babbling like nuts! I can tell he thinks he's speaking in full sentences I just wish I could understand what he was trying to say!

He is also eating everything in sight. We gave up baby food (with exception to the 3rd foods) and pretty much just eat finger foods now. He is pretty much open to eating anything, but he really likes mandarin oranges, bananas, bread, cheerios, and pears.

I took 11 month pictures but I have yet to post them on smug mug so I will post different pictures and you'll just have to wait to see the 11 month official pictures. I'll try to be better about posting more often. But until then here are some Cooper pics!

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