Cooper is 2!!

I cannot believe how fast Cooper is growing. I swear I remember every detail of the day he was born like it was yesterday. He is no longer a baby..he no longer needs me to feed him, or get him things out of the pantry (he loves to find the cookies), or open doors (it's a scary new trick.) He tells me exactly how he feels most of the time and loves to chat about nothing in particular. He has started to memorize his favorite books (all books) and when I'm reading I'll pause to let him finish the sentence. He even "reads" a book by himself remembering certain phrases on certain pages. He can count pretty high and is constantly wanting me to count things for him. He loves to sing songs and knows the words to our favorites..ABC's, Twinkle twinkle, Itsy bitsy, Take me out to the ball game, Doe a deer, and his new favorite jingle bells. Cooper is also really into instruments and music (thanks Uncle Witt) and loves to hear bands play. Right now he eats a lot of fruit and we are trying to add new things to his diet but he's pretty picky. He does love sweets and popcorn (even though he doesn't get them too often.) He is staring to play imaginary games and pretend which I love! He'll come running in the room and say "Mommy, there's a shark!!" or "There's a monster in the potty!" Which brings me to that.....we have yet to go on the potty or even tell the truth about needing to potty. I don't think we're close..but we'll keep trying. Not gonna pressure that situation as I don't think I'm ready either. Well, now that I've caught every one up on his 2 year milestones, here are some pictures of my 2 year old boy (pictures of his birthday party to come!)

Football guys!

Our car from Grammy and Grampy!
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