School Party and Basketball game

There was a week before we left for our Christmas trip that Ryan was out of school, but Cooper was still going. We got alot done in the Christmas shopping/packing/baking area. We also had alot of fun things to do! Cooper had his first school Christmas party! His class all wore matching shirts (a gift from his amazing teachers) and they munched on cookies and juice. I think it threw him off that both Ryan and I were there, but he had fun.

We also took some time that week to test out Cooper's ability to sit through a basketball game. He had so much fun and loved watching the videos on the scoreboard and the Rebelettes performances (he is such a boy.) He of course demanded popcorn and ate a ton! We even got a free Christmas ornament, which Coop held on to the whole time. He had so much fun that we'll have to go again this year!

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