Just because I have no pictures...

Ok, we still don't have our new camera. It was supposed to be in today... but you know how that goes. So here's a tiny update and a tiny request....

Update: we have ALL been super sick but are all finally on meds so hopefully we can get over this garbage before Christmas. Cooper is fake sneezing now and it cracks me up! He is becoming such a funny kid with all his expressions and babble. He says these made up words and look at you like he totally just told you something important and why aren't you jumping to action!?

Request: If you are checking this blog and not a follower...shame on you! I want to know who you are! Just kidding (about the shame part, not the knowing). Go ahead and hit that follow button..you know you want to. Plus, I want people to be amazed at how many people are hanging on my every word. Haha now I really am kidding, sort of.

Check back soon for (HOPEFULLY) some updated pictures of Cooperman.
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