Santa Mission=Success

Living in rural Mississippi has its flaws...lets just be honest. Not having a mall is definitely one of them. I miss not only the shopping, but the appearance of Santa at Christmas! Not that I was really in a hurry to force my child to sit on Santa's lap and scream and cry. But it's still something that I want evidence of when he's big and grown and refuses to do it anymore.

So Ryan, Abby, Witt and I headed to Knoxville, TN to the West Town Mall. Ryan and Witt got in line (creepy I know) while Abby and I took Cooper to go grab some last minute gifts. While we were shopping this is what happened...

So Abby and I went to stand in line and let Coop nap until we got to the front of the line. We finally made it, woke Coop up and changed his clothes. 

Anticipating a scream fest, I brought back-up. Cooper is REALLY into books these days so I decided to take a book along for Santa to read to Cooper! It went beautifully! Cooper was so quiet and amazed that this guy was reading him his favorite book and people were clapping and taking pictures. We got a great video and awesome pictures to prove it! I am so happy with the visit and the Santa was great too!

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